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Who's The Boss?
Neil Eskelin

The manager of a tennis facility in Denver began greeting the receptionist each morning with, "Hello Boss!"

At first she just smiled. Then, after hearing the same words for several days, she asked, "Why did you begin calling me boss?"

"Because you are," the manager replied. Without you and every person here taking charge, I'd be sunk!"

The Japanese have a proverb that says, "If he works for you, you work for him."

That sentiment was expressed by the manager of a plant in Indiana that produced lawn mowers. He posted this sign above the assembly line: "Where every leader works and every worker leads."

Great servants become great leaders because they understand the true source of power. As Sparky Anderson, baseball manager for the Detroit Tigers once said, 'No manager ever won no ball games."

Is steel made from the clouds rising from the factory smokestacks? No. It is forged from the iron being melted in the fiery furnace below. I think you get the point!

@2001 Neil Eskelin
Neil Eskelin's Daily Jump Start