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The Eternal Now

    Our most demoralizing fear is our fear of death, because it causes us to live our entire lives with one eye on tomorrow, and prevents us from seeing each moment of the eternal Now through the eyes of Love. Instead, we anxiously analyze and evaluate each moment of the eternal Now for its portents of the future. By living vicariously in our imaginary futures, we assume we have a future, and assuage our fear of death.

    And our lives are shaped by the time frames in which we tend to live them. Of course the hungry person can only think in terms of his next meal; people in the ghetto tend to live their lives in terms of Saturday night, the businessperson lives in spans of months or years, and some philosophers think in terms of a lifetime. But most mystics/saints/sages, by the simple (but not easy) expedients of accepting death, and forsaking past and future, have freed their Love of life for Love of God and their neighbor, and are now able to live again as every four-year old lives: under the aspect of eternity. But eternity is not an endless amount of time; it is a state of no time, or timelessness. Eternity is now or never. Truly enlightened people have learned to live their lives rationally, i.e., Lovingly, in the only eternity there is: the eternal Now. Until one has learned to live with the daily possibility of death, he has not yet learned how to live.

    To download the complete book
    The Immortal I
    A Unified Theory of Psychology, Neurology, and The Perennial Philosophy
    by Eugene B. Shea

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