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The Controlling Love/Belief System

    This is the tragedy of the human race: the Love/Belief System, or Reticular Activating System, is determining all of our responses to the circumstances of life, sometimes so instinctively and forcefully that "I" don't even enter into the transaction!

    And obviously, even when "I" am in full control of my faculties, trying to make a rational decision, "I" can only choose among responses provided by, and on priorities or weights determined by, the conscious and subconscious Elements of my Love/Belief System.

    And many, if not most of our Loves and Beliefs are subconscious. They were acquired by "osmosis," or by introjection, when we were two, three, four, five, etc. years of age. Many are unarticulated Loves and Beliefs simply assumptions which, if articulated, we would not adopt as adults. But they are wired in our brains and give rise to Response Impulses just as forcefully as our most solemn and considered commitments. For example, all youngsters assume their parents are the paragon of all adults, and so assume that, when they grow up they should behave not as their parents tell them to but as they behave. And so the sins of the parents are visited on the child, even down to the third and fourth generation.

    In its processing the Love/Belief System does not apprise the "I" of the Love/Belief System Elements themselves, but only the Response Impulses they generate; and "I" have great difficulty identifying any alternative responses to those provided by my Love/Belief System. Like the psychotics described by Silvano Arieti in The Will to be Human, we do not live, we are being lived, by the conscious and subconscious Elements in our Love/Belief Systems. We have all been blinded and devitalized by what has been so trenchantly described as "the hypnosis of social conditioning." As the brilliant R. D. Laing said, "We are are all living in a post-hypnotic trance, induced in early infancy."

    We are all hypnotized by the Loves and Beliefs
    acquired indiscriminately in childhood.
    All of us then, born with few instincts, each create our own set of "instincts," made up, unfortunately, of the haphazardly selected Loves and Beliefs and the resultant desires and fears which, together with our Social Animal Needs, constitute the programs of the Love/Belief System, or the mental and spiritual "heart."

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    The Immortal I
    A Unified Theory of Psychology, Neurology, and The Perennial Philosophy
    by Eugene B. Shea

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