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    Understanding How Our Love/Belief Systems Control Us

    We are all seeing and experiencing God,
    the world, our neighbor, and ourselves,
    through our Love/Belief Systems--
    our neurologic Reticular Activating Systems--
    particularly through our Desires and Fears.
    But "the truth waits for eyes unclouded by longing"--and fear.

    So here we have the Love/Belief System�even in us average, normal, nice people, a real can of worms. It just sort of grew in us, like a garden growing wild, and now it is filled with weeds and vines and brush, all fighting with one another for a place in the sun. But this veritable jungle of Loves and Beliefs is the shaper of our lives, and the maker of our destinies. Everything we want from life, and everything we try to do, is subject to the Elements in our Love/ Belief Systems. The �I�, ordained to be the Governor of our lives, has given up almost all its powers to its Deputy-Governors, its almost randomly selected Loves and Beliefs, and has sacrificed both its power and its freedom.

    In his classic Gold Record, The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale states unequivocally that, "Each of us is where he is because that is exactly where he really wants to be, whether he'll admit that or not."

    Of course he�s referring only to free adults, but most people disagree, saying, �I�m not where I want to be; I�d like to make more money, have more time for my hobbies, travel more, etc., etc.� But then ask them, in addition to these Desires, about their Fears. Honest people will admit they�re afraid of death, poverty, pain, sickness, disease, failure, rejection, losing their jobs or reputations, etc. Then ask them to list some of their other Loves and Beliefs, and Nightingale�s statement begins to make a lot of sense.

    What he�s saying in our terms is that our Love/Belief Systems are averaging out all of our conscious and subconscious Loves and Beliefs, Desires and Fears, and inexorably guiding us to the optimum positions in life, in society, in our professions, our income levels, our popularity, our power over others, etc., positions which will best satisfy all those Elements. And those optimum positions are right where we are! Free adults are where they are in each aspect of their lives because those positions represent the best possible average, or compromise, of all of their Loves and Beliefs.

    So each of us is living in his own uniquely shaped bowl, and always gravitating toward the lowest point not a point of peace, or light, or wisdom, or love, but simply the point of minimum discomfort, threats, anxiety. As we age, the bowl becomes a cone. Only saintly people have arduously flattened the bowl, and live in the Peace which passes understanding.

    The Reticular Activating System, the system which continuously monitors and regulates our respiration, pulse, adrenalin levels, digestion, arousal, emotions, etc., and which discerns and responds to stimuli relevant to our Social Animal Needs, is the same system, equipped with our Loves and Beliefs. which monitors and regulates every aspect of our environmental, vocational, family, social, economic, and spiritual lives our very happiness and success!

    Until we learn to live in the Present, guided by Love, we are not living--we are being lived by our haphazardly acquired Loves and Beliefs and their concomitant Desires and Fears.

    Obviously then, in order to significantly and permanently improve or change our lives, we must first change the basic Loves and Beliefs which are determining every aspect of our existence.

    To the extent that the theses of the book, The Immortal I, are valid, we are now learning how we have all surrendered control of our lives, and, knowing that, can now seek effective methods of improving our lives by changing our basic Loves and Beliefs, and restoring the sovereignty of the immortal �I�.

    Where �it� [id] was, there should become �I�.

    Eugene B. Shea
    The Immortal I
    A Unified Theory of Psychology, Neurology, and The Perennial Philosophy

    Copyright � 2005 by The Shelton Group