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For A New LifeHe that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal. John 12:25

Those who continually pray that God will provide for the needs and wants of their lives, will soon find they pray in vain. For God limits His service as servant to our desires. Nor will He accept an offer to take control of our lives, a request always solicited implicitly as taking control to our credit. He wants neither the pilot�s nor the co-pilot�s seat in our airplanes, because in either case He leaves us unregenerate. He will not help us maintain the kingdom of self. God will not help us live our lives because �He has made us for Himself, and our hearts are restless until they repose in Him;� that our only happiness lies in the abandonment of our lives so we can come help Him live His. For God is the living God, in the world but not of the world. His life is devoted to bringing the lost�all those in a country far from His Kingdom, living their lives, in their way, and to their purposes, all whose hearts are restless�into His Kingdom. So He seeks our help�not as servants but as sons and daughters, participants in His work, His representatives on earth.

For innocents, the transformation may be brief and easy. For prodigals, our journey from the far country lasts only as long as it takes us to come to hate our lives as they have been lived, to abandon our lives and pray for a new life. Then, and only then, even though still a great way off, our Father can see us, run to greet us, and bring us into His Kingdom, into His life. He can now flood our empty hearts to the bursting point with His sublime Love: unpossessive, unconditional, unlimited Love; a Love which brings our stagnant hearts back to life, restoring our hearts to their purpose: as a channel for the Soul�s stifled Love which now is released to add it�s Love, a Love which cannot be contained, overflows the heart and must return to God and fall on everyone we meet. We begin to recognize God as the perfect Father, and we his sons and daughters. We find Him ever at our side, working with us, as with any father, taking pride in our initiatives�any initiative which does not direct our Love back to our lives�and coming to our aid when we get in over our heads; answering all our prayers� prayers which, all our needs being met, are only for others and spring only from that overflowing Love. We find that, not preaching, but simply as a channel of His Love, His will is done; that we are becoming born again into a new person in a new life, a Soul-actualized life� infinitely more gratifying, more fulfilling than the old life we called ours, a life in the Peace which passes understanding�a life in the Kingdom of God; and, Knowing nothing can separate us from the infinite Love of God, a life we Know to be eternal. This, I think, is what Christ meant in John 12:25

� Eugene B. Shea

The Immortal 'I'