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4 Step Spirit Workout
by Paula Ezop

I'd like to share my Spirit Workout with you, a workout that will strengthen and empower you on your life's journey. If you want to improve the quality of your life, your relationships, your career, even your finances then you need to be spiritually strong�spiritually connected� When your spirit is healthy you feel empowered, joyous, connected, one with the universe. Most of all you have an inner glow - an inner peace�

The great thing about this workout is that you don't need to go to the Health Club or the gym. You don't need any special equipment. You can do it anywhere at anytime. You can work out for a few moments, a few minutes, or a few hours. But, like any type of exercise the more consistent you are with your workout the better the results are.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is spirit?

1. Your spirit is your very being. Your spirit is your connection with the power that guides you. Whether you believe that force to be God or a Divine Being the fact is that it does exist and it empowers you and guides you if you listen.

Does everyone have a spirit?

2. We all are of spirit. Some of us have developed our spirits more than others. Through consistent inner conversation and belief they have gained a higher level of understanding and spiritual strength.

How can I develop my spirit?

3. By beginning your Spirit Workout today! This will increase your inner strength and spiritual awareness.


  • You are of spirit�
  • Seek the light�
  • Seek your path�
  • Listen�
  • Believe�
  • Soar�

    Just how do I give my Spirit a workout?

    4. You connect with the power, the light, and the force. It's easy!

    What will I need?

    5. You will need:

  • A quiet place.
  • A desire to connect with your spirit and God. If you do not believe in God then you need to have a desire to connect with the Divine Power, the light who guides you.
  • A desire to believe in the power.
  • A desire to be filled with the light.

    Now that I've answered some basic questions let me explain my Spirit Workout to you.

    The first step of my Spirit Workout is finding a quiet place without any distractions�

    You are probably saying, "That's easy for you to say - for me it is almost impossible! I'm busy from the moment I get up until I go to bed at night. And, a quiet place�there's no such thing in my household!"

    Until a few years ago I would have said the exact same thing. But, I found a quiet place and I made time and so can you. You can make time for your Spirit Workout.

    I have found that the best times for me are when I wake up in the morning, while I am driving to and from work, and before I fall asleep at night. Those restless nights when you wake up in the middle of the night are also a perfect time.

    These times may or may not work for you. You will however become very good at finding time to connect with your spirit and most important you will find God or the Divine Power that you believe in, the light, the almighty connecting with your spirit!

    awaken your spirit�connect�

    The second step of my Spirit Workout is mental conversation or mental prayer. Speaking without talking�

    To gain awareness and to connect with the power all you have to do is talk to the Divine Being who directs us all. Hold a conversation. Talk to the power�the force. Talk about anything and everything. Talk about your dreams and your goals. Talk about your problems. Ask for help and guidance. Ask for answers. There is no need to talk out loud�he will hear your silent conversation with him.

    talk�ask�dream�connect�gain awareness�

    The third step of my Spirit Workout is to listen�

    Listen for answers�feel the energy�the power�

    Be still and listen�he will answer you. He will speak to your heart, your soul, your very being! Yes, you will receive answers.

    Sometimes it's a small voice directing you. Sometimes it is a loud and thunderous command.

    Sometimes someone enters your life unexpectedly who helps you find your way. You find yourself getting the job you always wanted or making a lifestyle

    change that you never thought possible. Unexplainable synergies begin to happen. The Divine Power has answered you.

    listen for the voice�feel the power�listen always�

    The final step of my Spirit Workout is to believe�

    Believe that you will receive the help you need. The power that you believe in is waiting for you to need him and he wants you to reach out and embrace him. He wants to help you. It is up to you to reach out, find the power, embrace it, feel the everlasting love and realize that kindness and love will guide you and make your life richer and more joyous than you can imagine.

    With your new found spiritual empowerment you will reach and exceed all your goals in life. Your spirit will receive gifts of wisdom and knowledge to use on your journey.

    believe�believe in the power�believe�

    Make this Spirit Workout your Spirit Workout. Find the power that will sustain you and empower you�be spiritually strong! Let your spirit shine! Dance to the music of life!


    � Paula M. Ezop/Spirit Workout