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Spiritual Parenting

Parenting from the heart in honoring the dignity and spirit of children

Spiritual Parenting by Spiritual Sisters plus The Voices of the Children

Patti Teel of www.pattiteel.com has so many thoughts she'd like to share, she has taken a table in the SpiritualParenting Playroom and requests parents join her often. Please join Patti here


Articles by Anne Leedom of Parenting Bookmark

  • The Many Faces of Love--Staying Tuned to Your Child�s Needs as They Grow
  • The Magic of the Holidays�All Year Long
  • Keeping Growing Kids Safe from Toxic Influences
  • STAR Testing for Character
  • A Moment to Reflect: Do You Like Your Kids?
  • Teaching Kids to Develop Conscience
  • Intentional Character


    Articles by Margaret Paul, Ph.D. of Inner Bonding

  • Validating vs. Indulging Children�s Feelings
  • Is It Okay to Spoil Your Kids?


    Articles by Kevin Eikenberry of Vantagepoints

  • Getting the Right Start
  • Pretty Please With Sugar on Top
  • Reflections of a Sports Fan


    Articles by Joyce and Barry Vissell of Shared Heart

  • Are We Enabling Our Children?
  • How Thoughts Can Transform Relationships
  • Three Kinds of Touch


    Articles by Nancy R. Fenn of the IntrovertZCoach

  • Growing Up Introverted
  • Boxing it Up for Christmas
  • Your Introverted Child is Unique
  • Hallowe'en BOO BOOs for Little Introverted Kids


    Letters To My Daughter by Tammie Byram Fowles, LISW, Ph.D. of SagePlace

  • Please Give Me Patience
  • Struggles and Snuggles
  • Appreciating The Gift


    Articles by Dalene Entenmann of Hope and Healing

  • An Exponential Idea In Giving
  • What is Spiritual Parenting?
  • The God Puzzle
  • Thanking The River


    Articles by Joseph J. Mazzella of My Companion and I

  • Learning and Teaching
  • A Rich Man
  • A Hug, A Kiss, A Few Words


    Articles by Jodie Lynn of Mommy-CEO: 5 Golden Rules

  • Two Words -- Picky Eater
  • Making Time for Mommy
  • Eleven Must Do's In Preventing Back to School Stress


  • Family Holiday Traditions by Dr. Laura Markham

  • How Teenagers and their Divorced Parents can Speak Up about the Difficulties of Living in a Split-Family by DK Simoneau

  • But Christmas Doesn�t Fall on Tuesday??? How to Deal with Children and the Holidays After Your Divorce by DK Simoneau

  • But Thanksgiving Doesn�t Fall on Tuesday??? How to Deal with Children and the Holidays After Your Divorce by DK Simoneau

  • Seven Ways to Keep our Parents Young by Stephan and Lisa LaCount

  • How to Say "I Love You" with Meaning by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller

  • Give Yourself Permission to Celebrate the Holidays with Joy by Dr. Stephen Ruppenthal

  • I don't have all the answers -- but God does by Laura Matthews

  • Teaching Kids to Pray by Dr. Stephen Ruppenthal

  • Cool Stuff About Love and Sex by Rusty Wright

  • Why Teens Do Crazy Things by Heather Stone

  • How to Really Parent Your Child by Ross Campbell

  • A Little Bird Told Me by Pamela Jenkins

  • Today�s Family Man - Talking to Your Children About Disasters by Gregory Keer

  • Explaining World Tragedy to Children by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller

  • Today�s Family Man - The 5 Commandments by Gregory Keer

  • 10 Steps to School Year Success by Katie Basson

  • What the matter is... by Skye Thomas

  • Soothing Sibling Rivalry by Erin Brown Conroy, M.A.

  • How to Invest in Your Children This Summer by Chick Moorman

  • Tricked into Excellence by Mac Bledsoe

  • The Poor Loser Ailment by Michele Borba, Ed.D.

  • You, Me and Baby Makes Three by Anna C. Richardson

  • Supporting Your Child�s Spiritual Development by Dr. Bernard Brookes

  • Are You There God? It's Me Linda by Linda Sharp

  • What Your Children REALLY Want for the Holidays by Vickie Falcone

  • Surviving Shaky Ground by Mabel, Connie & Jane

  • The Modern-Day Slaughter of the Innocents by Mabel Gil

  • A Moment of Shared Pain by CKKirk

  • Moral Development of Children: Spiritual Inheritance by Ron Huxley

  • Embracing Motherhood by Monique Nicole Fox

  • You Were Born in My Heart by Meredith Young-Sowers, D.Div.

  • Teaching the Faith Walk by Miranda V. Lewis

  • Sharing & Negotiating - In the family and beyond by Diana Robinson, Ph.D.

  • Children Want to Share Family Problems by Joan W. Anderson

  • When Your Kid's Shoes Cost More Than Yours by Chuck Gallozzi

  • Return to 4 � the Sublime State of Free Being, Loving, and Knowing by Eugene B. Shea

  • Letting Go ~ Guilt Trips by Jane Mullikin

  • Mommyville by Monique Nicole Fox

  • How To Regain Your Family Life by Neal & Jill Kimball

  • Hope by Deborah Harper

  • Gooch the Bulldog Moves In by Scott Denholm

  • Death A Child's View by Joan Downen

  • Kid Logic by Debra Hegerle

  • A Perfect Day by Michael D. Hargrove

  • I Never Held You by Ellen M. Dubois

  • Invisible Cables of Love by Joan Clifton Costner

  • Love... by Gary Hall

  • This Too Shall Pass by Lora Lease

  • A Home Created by Terri McPherson

  • Letting Go by Teresa Kindred

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