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Romeo & Juliet

Romeo! Romeo!
Where art thou Romeo?

Juliet this is me God.
Why are you calling out for Romeo
When I am always right here?
You should be calling out to me in song and prayer
I will always hear you cause I am everywhere
I will always give you tender loving care

Juliet my dear
I am the one you should love
Focus your affection and attention on me the Almighty in heaven above

Juliet my sweet
I am the one that should sweep you off of your feet
I am the one who should make your heart go pitter patter and beat beat

Juliet mi amor
I am the one you should be searching for
Focus all that you have on me now and forever more � 2001 I am Monique Nicole Fox. I am an Accountant (by profession), Poet (by heart), sweet (by nature), ethnic (by design), and loved (by God).