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The Truth of the Sisterhood

We start as a grain of sand.
Rolling and turning,
Tumbling and jumbling,
Nudged along by the currents of life
Battered about by the waves of emotion.

Along the way we run into other grains
Just like us and
Perhaps a little different
A different shape
A different texture
A different color.

We bump into some grains
And rejoice in the meeting
It feels good to have contact,
As if we met an old friend.
We share much in common
It feels right
We want to stay together but,

We are pulled by the current
To a new place
Where we run into more grains of sand.
Some are rough
And irritate like sandpaper.
Others seem distant and dull
And want to be left alone.
Still others are mean and
Band with other grains to
Smother us.

We feel frightened and
Try to roll away
But the current is too strong.
It pulls us back to
The grains we don't like.
We search for a friendly face
We yearn for the grains we met before,
The ones with whom we feel most comfortable.
We feel stuck and frustrated
And remain there until
We begin to see the possibilities.

We begin to like where we are
Even without our comforts.
We find that given enough time,
The dull and distant grains
come to us and are willing to be friends
We find that the grains that feel like sandpaper
Can be softened by rubbing against them.
We wonder if there are other possibilities
For the grains of sand that have tried
To smother us.

We observe them
As they bustle and jumble together
And feel the heat they create.
At first it agitates and irritates
But later on we observe
That given enough time
The heat serves to melt each grain
Ever so slightly so that
Eventually they begin to look alike

The more time they spend together
The more heat they generate
And they blend together so much
That it becomes difficult to tell
Where one grain begins and
Another ends.

And thus we observe the formation
Of the sisterhood
From tiny individual grains of sand
Through friendship and comfort
Through irritation and adversity
We come together and
Create something bigger than ourselves
Bigger than our own grain of sand.
We are fused together through heat
To create glass
And from glass we form a window

� Debbie Gawrych

Common Boundaries, publisher of The Seven Aspects of Sisterhood: Empowering Women Through Self-Discovery. Look for the Gutsy Girls series coming in 2002. Check out commonboundaries.com for programs and keynote speaking engagements. 336-288-8554