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by Gary Hall

The warmth of a puppy,
A lick on the face,
Your child in the morning
With a sweet embrace,

The face of a child
When they are full of cheer;
It's that feeling, in your heart,
for what you hold so dear.

It's your precious mate,
Whom God has given to you,
And knowing in your heart that for them
There is nothing you wouldn't do.

It's the times when you have felt
So broken up inside ...
That just one kiss from your wife
And suddenly you're revived.

It's to know that your life
You would give away,
If it would save them pain
For even a day.

It's the rivers and streams
God created for me.
It's the promise He made us
For all eternity.

It's that feeling inside
When you kneel on the floor,
When you're talking to Dad
And longing for more.

It's the sight that God gave us,
The feel and the touch.
To me this is love
And I love this, so much.

Then, He gave us each other
For our hearts to share.
He gave us all a hope
and He even gave us prayer.

Most of all, He gave us Jesus.
We're surrounded with His love.
What more can be said, but,
"Love came from above?"

� by Gary Hall
Gary Hall Ministry