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I sought Him on the mountainside
Beneath a big oak tree.
I sought Him in the running tide
While standing by the sea.

Across the continents I went,
To Afric's jungles green;
And thence to India's sunny shores,
With ocean breezes keen.

Still to Alaska's far-off land
I wend my weary way,
And in Hawaii's shining strand
I sought Him in the clay.

And though I searched both far and near
In lands both cold and hot,
And though I looked both high and low,
My God, I found Him not.

And so one day I sat me down
With tired heart and soul,
While way before me in the wind
The mighty ocean rolled.

The sun went down, the stars came out,
The heavens filled with light;
And far away across the sea,
Another star shone bright.

A strange and moving murmuring
Came slowly from the sea.
Alas! Alas! I found my God,
I found Him right in me.

-John Harricharan-


"I longed to see the Face of God
And climbed the highest steeple.
But God declared, 'Go down again,
I dwell among the people.'"

� John Harricharan, john@insight2000.com
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