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My Guardian Angel
by Sharon Harrington

    As I have said before, I was raised on stories of Guardian Angels. I always believed I had my very own, And wanted to have a real Angel Encounter. You know how they say.."Be careful what you wish for, it might come true"..

    Well on March 25, 2001.. I had my Guardian Angel Encounter. Twas' a spring like day, and everybody wanted to be outside, enjoying the sun and warmth..

    I got onto my daughter's Moped, and decided to ride around the parking area. As I turned the corner, I hit the throttle, (instead of the brake to slow down my speed, on the turn)..

    Well, hitting the throttle put me to the max of 40 MPH, I lost control and hit a curb, throwing me over the handle bars, sending me airborne, and hitting my head on a parked car, bouncing down onto the fender, hitting my face, And finally bouncing me onto the ground.

    And I didn't have on a helmet. Yes, thats right, a 52-year-old woman without the good sense, to put on head protection.

    It knocked me out, and when I came to my senses, I realized I could not get myself up. My body was numb, and had no feeling in my entire system. I knew for sure, I had broken my neck. Crowds of people were yelling and I could hear the ambulance sirens coming, I was terrified!!

    At the hospital, I was still strapped to body board and neck brace, pain in my entire body and face swollen beyond belief. My dear friend and personal nurse Rose was with me, as well as my family..

    As I went through a battery of x-rays, I had constantly been praying and saying the rosary, praying my face was not broken and my neck and spine was alright. My dear friend stood by my side caring for me and applying ice packs as the ER was doing their work.

    To everyone's surprise, no broken bones no where!!! A lot of bruises and swelling, but nothing major. It will be a long healing process for me.

    Doctors and friends say.."It's a Miracle"

    I say, it was the hand of God himself, and my Guardian Angel, whom my mother had always told me He stood beside me..

    Yes, I had my Angel Encounter, and know my Guardian Angel was right there, beside me...

    My question? Oh, it was answered that day...Yes, I do believe in Guardian Angels, I am living proof..

    Do you know yours?

    Copyright 2000 Sharon Harrington