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A Healing-Power Greater Than Ourselves

    There is something incredible happening while we are busy living our lives. It is sometimes hard to understand. It is the constant and working closeness of God, all around us. Continuously, miracles are occurring. But, we do not always notice their presence. Like the simple yet extraordinary color of a red rose growing on a green branch or the rare birth of an albino deer or the persevering sun rising each and every morning, there is magic. We see these things but are not capable of realizing their full value. All the while, we continue to look for proof of God and our purpose here on this earth, never knowing purpose is in the depth and very actions that unfurl in nature and our natural lives each day. Until one day, something happens, maybe a tragedy occurs; maybe someone we love dies or our marriage fails or we lose an admired career.

    We are left feeling devastated. Our world is falling apart. We think darkness is all around us. But then, morning comes and the sun still rises. Light floats out and upward into the great sky and shines down on everything; even on us in our agony. And, we can not believe our eyes. We find it hard to believe that the sun can rise on this day and in the face of our agony. But, we see it. We see the light, perhaps for the first time. We recognize that the sun rises even in the times of personal emergencies and traumas. And, we begin to see the incredible something�the presence of God�in spite of its illusive nature.

    Even when our lives are falling apart, even when we are bewildered, lost and afraid the sun still rises and God is in place. And we have the opportunity, for a brief moment, to recognize the miracles and the presence of God in our lives. We recognize that we are a part of a complexly ordered creation and that our purpose is to find our place. And always our place is exactly where we are standing at the moment. All circumstances are as they should be. They are lessons and arrows pointing us in the correct direction. And, as we learn to perceive each unfolding even as a step toward a great-spiritual healing then we will learn to appreciate exactly where we are at every precious moment.

    Today, this moment, you are where you are and who you are for a reason. You have created your life; with fate at your side. And your spiritual purpose can be easily found. Look within and not without and you will easily discover an incredible something waiting there. It is you and it is God. Although, you sometimes can see only bits and pieces of yourself, through your intuitive wisdom, you will notice that you snugly fit into place with the other miracles of the world. And, you are not far from God at any moment. In fact, you are one of the unfolding miracles and a part of God. And through this experience, you will realize that God is not a �him� but the miracles that are afloat around you all of the time. And when you recognize this to be true, you will find a healing serenity and joy. You will recognize that you too are a miracle and each event that you face is specifically designed to help you better know yourself and your creator. As you reflect in these miracles, your spiritual life begins to travel its destined path with raised awareness. You have seen the grandness of God; the Universe. You have seen yourself and why you are here on this earth.

    As an author, life coach and instructor of life affirming attitudes, I meet many individuals at times when their lives have become difficult and filled with tragedy. They do not always understand that all events lead to the presence of a greater Universal power and eventually to a more spiritually alive and wise place. They do not understand that each event is part of a grand stairway into a place of healing and enlightenment. These individuals believe that their lives have failed them. They feel bewildered and lost as they seek to heal their spirits. It is my chosen career to help these individuals see that life is filled with miracles and that we can recover from any event. We can strive to find our spiritual selves. We can live without fear of failure and tragedy due to the interconnected events the Universe places in front of us. Never, are we too far from our path. Never are we too sick or too weak. We need only to look within ourselves and find God, the Universal power, waiting there. And, we will begin to understand that all events, even those that are difficult, play a part in bringing us home, where healing and love are abundant.

    Yes, our world can be a beautiful yet sometimes frightening place. Now, amidst global feuding there are many incidents of human suffering. Even, when our lives are good, we must remember that in far-away lands there are others who are suffering. The good news, however is that even where there is human pain there is a divine grace. And, that grace is beautiful. And, it is this beauty and grace, one must look toward when living and walking one�s path. In spite of the ugliness that is becoming more apparent in the world, we must strive to see, with our intuitive eyes and recognize, standing near us, the presence of our creator; with hands pointing the direction we must travel. And when we strive to see the beauty, we will become a healing force with the ability to self heal and heal others as well. Even when our own personal lives are littered with the pain of loneliness and sadness we have the power to withstand hardships and change them. We, as human beings, have the key to unlock a doorway leading into a better place; home. And that home is first found within ourselves. All of us have the ability to have a good life. All of us are capable of recovering from any aliment, heal and create the happiness and joy that is still prevalent in this world. We need only to be fearless and look into the light of day and see the experiences that await us.

    Now, after the anniversary of September 11, we are wondering how to move on while parts of our spirit are still in shock, not yet knowing or suspecting the global changes that are still to come. Yet, we must strive to live a personal life filled with honor, truth and love. We must teach the children of our world, human beings, to believe in love and live with confidence and peace of mind, especially in times as these. Intuitive knowledge, a knowing of ones self and creator, is a means that will help the world heal. The healing will begin at home, with self, and eventually spread through out the nation and eventually the world. So, as you strive to heal your personal life know that you are creating a wider healing upon this earth as well.

    The first step toward discovering the means in which to heal your spirit, is to question yourself. Look within and ask if you are living a happy life. Do you enjoy your days here upon this earth? Do you have close friendships and loving relationships? Do you desire to have more of anything or find a meaningful purpose to your life? If the answer to the questions you have asked suggest that you are not happy and not living the life you desire, it is time to search and find a new path; one that will lead you toward happiness.

    In our culture, we are sometimes mislead into dead-end or oppressive circumstances; ones that lead to unhappiness and loss of self worth. But, with the help of our inner knowledge, the intuitive voice, we can discover who we are and what we should be doing with our lives.

    The intuitive voice, that life saving and glorious gift, will shout out the melody that we so badly need to hear. We only need to unlock those tightly barred doorways�those that contain our memories, our desires and our spirit�that work to keep us from discovering the path toward our intuition. Intuition, the key to our insight, like a lyrical map, is singing out to direct our spirit toward the so badly missed intuitive home grounds.

    Intuition is powerful yet completely natural and free. There is only one expense when seeking the wisdom of intuition. One must commit to look within and ask difficult questions while ready to hear answers that are sometimes jarring in nature. Many individuals, oppressed and unloved, have learned to compensate and live without realizing the wounding of their inner spirit. It is difficult for these individuals to ask questions that point out circumstances which are in need of change. And, it is even more difficult to inquire as to how to change ones circumstances, when the answers are sometimes not what one wants to hear. Sometimes, we are directed to move on, leave behind people or places. We are often guided to attempt new and unfamiliar avenues; ones that might appear frightening at first glance. And, we are always directed to look at our inner demands; the ignored emotions and pain. But, eventually, if we trust the intuitive voice and follow the path in which it points, we reach the unexpected home lands, and we find our spiritual self waiting there. We get the chance to see the glory. We meet our spirit. We move past the difficult and the ugly into a happy place. We move into the part of ourselves that feels joy and compassion and pleasure. We become children, visiting a place that makes us feel special and good about ourselves.

    You are a part of this great miracle. Reading the words written here, is no chance happening. You are part of my dream. I am a part of yours. Together we will learn, share and heal. You are beginning to live your intuitive dreams as you read and think and learn. You are beginning to walk your intuitive path. Get ready to experience magic.

    � Sherry Healy (sHEALy)

    sHEALy (Sherry Healy) is an artist, author of two books, Living Your Intuitive Dreams and Confident Child and a well-known intuitive living and working on the East Coast. sHEALy�s art is the expression of her intuitive visions and philosophical studies. As an expert in intuitive communications and energy therapy, sHEALy helps individuals to understand and empower themselves using their own intuitive/intrinsic powers. Her art has been famed for its meditative and healing powers.

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