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Christine M. Jones
Welcome to the sunroom. Come sit with Christine as she shares what she has learned on her journey with God

Modern Day Parables
A series on everyday occurrences and how they relate to God


A series devoted to change and changing


Consider the Eagle~~~ on wings like eagles


A series devoted to recognizing and overcoming our fears


A series devoted to allowing God to lead us


A series devoted to the mind and thinking thoughts that align with our spirit


  • Exercising Your Prayer Life - Gratitude Number Thirteen
  • Water Droplets - Gratitude Number Twelve
  • Warmth Around the Fire - Gratitude Number Eleven
  • Solitude - Gratitude Number Ten
  • Talking and Listening - Gratitude Number Nine
  • Blessed to Bless - Gratitude Number Eight
  • When We Are Misunderstood - Gratitude Number Seven
  • Smile!!! It's Healing! Gratitude Number Six
  • Does Jesus have the Answers? Gratitude Number Five
  • What Color is God? Gratitude Number Four
  • The Shelter of God, Gratitude Number Three
  • Let Us Unite In Our Strengths, Gratitude Number Two
  • The Buckled Bike ~ a prayer Gratitude Number One