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Sunlight and Flowers

    Have you ever stopped to look at the flowers in the morning? It always amazes me to see how closed up and protected they are. Their petals are folded in and their heads are drooped from the cold and darkness of the night before. As the sun begins to rise, however, you start to notice a change in them. Slowly their heads begin to lift as they respond to the warming rays. Then their petals begin to unfold and grow towards the light. It is a beautiful thing to behold. It is so glorious to watch the warmth and light of the sun bring new life and beauty to the flowers of the Earth.

    Many people are like these flowers. They may seem cold and closed off. Their heads may be bowed in despair against the dark things in life. With only a little warmth and a little light, however, they begin to come alive once again. This warmth can be a simple smile, a kind word, or a gentle touch. This light can be a joy filled laugh, a sweet letter, or just hearing how much they are loved. Just these few, small things can bring life, beauty, and happiness back into the hearts of these people. Just these few, small things can make them flowers blooming with love and delight once again.

    All of us should strive then to be the sunshine in each other's lives. If we truly want those around us to blossom in love and grow in joy then we have to give them our light and our warmth. God gives His light, love, warmth, and joy free of charge. It is only right then for us to choose it, welcome it into our hearts, grow in it daily and then share it with the whole world. By passing on God's love and light and by sharing our own warmth and joy we can touch and help the lives of countless others. By being a ray of sunshine to the world around us we can help it grow into a flower garden of delight and a greenhouse of love and joy.

    � Joseph J. Mazzella