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Take a Second Look

    At first glance today seemed pretty dull and ordinary. I drove to the post office to mail out a few things. I drove on to the store to pick up a couple of things for dinner. Later I went to the local library to pick up some books for me and my children to read this week. In the afternoon I took my kids to the playground to spend some time outdoors. Finally I took my dogs for their evening walk.

    Thankfully, however, I didn't just stop at first glance today. Instead I took a second look at everything and everyone. On my way to the post office I took a minute to take in the green of the trees, the golden sunshine, and the bright blue sky. On my way to the store I looked in awe at the beautiful flowers growing wild along the side of the road. At the post office I admired the postmaster's gentle humor and kind words. At the store I enjoyed the cashier's bright smile and friendly manner. When I got to the local library I delighted in watching the librarian lovingly hold her beautiful, baby girl. As I took my kids to the playground later I took great joy in watching my youngest son run all over the place and I talked happily with two smart, wonderful young girls who came over to play with him. In the evening as I walked my dogs I noticed some glorious green and purple plants that my daughter had recently planted just starting to grow. On a second look then it was indeed a glorious and exciting day.

    Never give your day just a single glance. Always take a second look. God has given us a magnificent world to live in and a wondrous life to live. It is up to us to see it, though. Take the time then to connect your eyes to your heart and soul. Take the time to see things the way God meant for you to see them. Take the time to enjoy a second look through the eyes of love.

    � Joseph J. Mazzella