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    My Leprechaun Dream
    All year I'd been waiting for St. Patrick's Day, and when it was finally here I didn't know what to do. My mom owns an antique shop right across the street from where I live. Usually I would come home from school and help her run it.

    But today was different. Not only was it St. Patrick's Day, it was Grandma Rosa's birthday. Even though she wasn't around, we still celebrated her birthday because my grandmother was born and died on that day. So my parents had stuff they normally do on that day and so did I. I watch the Gooneys because that was my grandma's favorite movie.

    I was about halfway through the movie when I fell asleep. When I woke up I was in my mom's antique shop. It looked the same as usual but this time it was on fire. My mom must have left the oven on or something--I don't know--but I needed to get out.

    All my mom's collections were ruined and so was her shop. After a while the fire died out from the rain. After the rain ended, I noticed a rainbow and figured I should get to the end, so I grabbed my dog, Spike, and my bike and left.

    I reached the end of the rainbow and noticed the pot of gold. To my surprise there was no gold--just a bunch of pictures of Leprechauns. Something tapped me on my shoulder and asked me what I was doing with his pot of gold, or no treasure!

    I assured him all there was were pictures. He said that pictures of his loved ones were the best treasure of all.

    I woke up and the Gooneys were still on.

    � Joey Mefford

    Joey is thirteen. Joey is the coolest kid around--till he gets mad. He takes care of his mom and sisters.