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The Snow-Blind

    As men who once have seen
    White sun on snow, white fire on ice,
    And in a wide noon, shadowless,
    Gone blind with light,
    So these men walk who once have seen
    God without veils--the mind's
    Momentary and blinding birth of sight.
    To them henceforth we are but shape and shadow;
    Fog-forms, hands moving in the mist,
    Our houses dark, our halls are winding tunnels,
    Our little triumphs less than little straws
    Balanced above a sparrow's nest.
    And from that hour we call them dangerous men and
    Bigoted, fierce, loud croakers of a dream,
    Anarchists, atheists, we say
    Wo walk, eyes stretched as blind men walk
    But ask no man the way.

    � Josephine W. Johnson
    Year's End