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Crown of Love

I saw her there,
this little girl child,
now a woman,
has made it through
so many trials...

She was cowering
in the corner,
dark and scary,
panic attack,
remembering so many years back

Feeling like an animal trapped
a crowd advancing
it seemed they were all
out to destroy, caring lacked
paralyzed by fear, no escape

There was loud yelling
cacaphony and refrain
so many voices
no way out
they all seemed the same,

Trust had been broken
so many times o'er
it seemed like someone was
trying to even the score,
but what score?

This woman child watches,
crowd all around and advancing
they all seemed enemies to her,
she knew there was no chancing
that one would not be,
she just did not feel free

She looked for a certain face
if He be God, there would be some trace
advancing, the crowd so frightening
if only there was someone true,
her every sense was tightening

I watched this scene
and I knew what it did mean,
I saw Him advancing, this
Saviour friend,
she still could not tell,
they were all the same, these men

My eyes were glued on what I saw
as I was there watching, so in awe
He came closer, knelt down to her face
spoke words of love, His amazing grace

It was then she knew, just who He was,
recognized in His eyes, that He is Love
then it all came together,
a picture formed

He it was whose Spirit of Love
was in every person
He had sent to her...
emissaries from above...

God had revealed Himself,
He had not forgotten this
frightened child woman,
so bruised and abused... He had not

� josharon

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