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I Was Alone

    She wrote,

    One is always alone.....it is the way of life,
    of the world...alone with yourself.....

    I write,

    I was alone, amongst the crowd,
    and it was good and it was bad,
    I was happy, at times oh so sad

    I walked the valley in the heat of day
    stopped to rest, watching others run and play
    the sun beat down, faint and weak was I
    it was only me, punished from the sky

    Then I found shade, rested my weary head
    wondered why only I, had so much to dread
    as if invisible I wandered then in the cold
    will it always be thus, until I am old?

    Gone are the times of childhood days
    warmth, laughter, no worries to phase
    Parent's to care, provide for my needs
    no longer so, to the Lord I make my pleas

    Darkness descends on my days and hours
    it seems my world is ruled by it's powers
    fear grips my soul, doubt clouds my vision
    each moment is lived in vast indecision

    I cried and I sought for help in these hours
    it seemed there was for me, no Higher Power
    collapsed and bent low, in desolate grief
    the hour of decision, suddenly brought relief

    It was then I looked back on the path I had been
    in the shadows and dark places, I could see Him
    my life was saved, time and again though I knew not
    It was He who kept me from death's dark blot

    Though I was alone, perplexed and distraught
    I know now that He was never away from my heart
    It was the darkness and treachery of men
    who led me to believe I was bonded in sin

    Now I see Light in the darkest of days
    I know that He shall teach me of His ways
    when pressed down with burdens too heavy to bear
    I pray, Oh Dear Lord, you will meet me there


    Written for and dedicated to 'R'
    and if the words speak to you,
    receive them to yourself too

    � Sharon O'Neal

    With Words, His Ways Revealed