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The Dawning

    This poem is unusual in that it is dedicated to those who feel the touch of these words deep within, and you sense the truth of it. Some I know and many I do not. May it bless you.


    I have heard your heart
    as it spills out the doubts, fears
    and wonderings of life, the past has
    overshadowed the present, blocking the sun,
    but still it seeks to shine, bursting forth at times

    Your faith has crumbled as an ancient wall
    the ruins lay at your feet, ever reminding you
    of the beauty that was, and seems gone forever
    and yet hope springs forth as a small flower in rubble
    struggling to grow; bring beauty in a desolate place

    As the ghosts of yesterday boldly appear when
    least expected, not wanted but there in one's vision,
    the pain, loss of loved ones, abuse or betrayal, all done
    and over, but the images still persist, heavy they press
    against your heart at times, you struggle to break free

    And I have seen the dawning of your faith, as hope
    shall spring forth in power, breaking the bands which
    have bound freedom in your breast, I know it shall be,
    very clear in my mind, I saw it with clarity and precise
    vision, you shall overcome, stand on the mountain, free

    There is faith which persists in darkness, believing
    against odds and obvious signs, and there is faith
    which worketh by love, it is bright and glowing as the
    orb of gold in the evening sky, that is the faith with which
    I have seen the dawning of love and belief within you

    It is real and clear, though you have not yet seen, I
    have seen and wait, we must go through the darkness
    to see the dawn, when sick, we must experience the
    healing to arrive at health, to become mature we must
    travel through childhood, adolescence and youth...

    There is the journey, though you cannot see where
    it is leading, the pitfalls and darkness are all a part
    leading to where, has been the call of your heart,
    listen closely, deep within you can hear, a part of
    you knows, feels, senses the journey's end...

    And the Dawning of a New Day

    � 2001 Sharon O'Neal

    With Words, His Ways Revealed