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Love Is Something We Do To Each Other

Love is something we do to each other
and can not take it back.
It's like the mail�once dropped in the box
it's in the hands of a higher authority.
What's said is done and written in the heart
and its best salutation is always
your first name.
It stands alone. Always alone.
And you'll never know if it was received
even if it was delivered in person.
Love is always generous
and gives more than it takes.
It lives for a second helping
and when the spoon goes in the dish
a third or forth time,
it is a sermon on the mount�the loaves
and fishes keep on coming.
Love is beyond value.
No scales can weigh it.
No accountant can account for it.
No poet can poet it.
It simply is something we do to each other
and cannot take it back.

� 2000 Dan Kantak

Circle of Poetry
Love is Something We Do