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The Love Perspective All of the worst traits of humanity have been bundled together and been labeled ego ( arrogance, greed, envy, hatred, deceit, selfishness, fear, lust, anger, vanity, etc.), because each is a part of what we know to be ego. We all have these traits in us whether we want to admit to it or not, some to greater or lesser extents than others.

Some of these traits even have some believing they don't have any of these traits. This is very common, as most people do not wish to believe they are what they are, while others are completely clueless due to self delusion (they do not think about it at all). The real problem comes in because we choose (because we have not made any changes) to think, speak, and act from the ego perspective, as reflected by the condition of our world. We view ourselves from this perspective also, which is another reason we are no better than we are. If we change, by default the world will change because of it. We are immensely more than we could ever possibly imagine, but yet no more than we believe or choose to be.

There is another perspective we can choose to think, speak, and act from. It is a very different perspective, and some of us do use this perspective at times, but for most of us rarely. This other perspective represents the noblest attributes of humanity. It is called The Love perspective.

Some of the attributes of Love are happiness, understanding, patience, self control, peace, and wisdom. It must also be said that Love, real Love, is unconditional, because as soon as you place a condition on Love, it is no longer Love but something that falls under the perspective of the ego (lust). When you hear " I love him/her because . . . . " and they are basing their feelings on some attribute of that individual, you have just heard them name a condition, whether it is looks, some talent, personality, wealth, the car they drive or whatever. It does not mean Love could not be present, but the question must then be asked, if the person they were attracted to, lost whatever it is that so attracted them, would their feelings remain the same? If not, then it was not Love but something else. The only "because" you can use with Love is the statement, "I Love you because I can do no other."

Love just is, and cannot, by its very nature, exclude anyone or anything. Love will not do harm to anyone or anything, either. Love can be felt as an emotion, but it is also a force. Love is never rude, nor does it force itself on you. Ego on the other hand is always trying to force itself on you, to make you follow one of its selfish desires. With Love it is always your choice to follow its ways or the ways of the ego. A person with this Love does not boast, or envy what someone else has. Love's actions are always kind and considerate of others. Love is best realized when it is expressed to others, and if you have this Love it will happen naturally. Love is not sex, nor is it to be confused with what we call romantic love. Although what we call romantic love can (not always) lead you to a better understanding and a realization of Love itself.

Through Love we obtain happiness, through happiness we obtain understanding, through understanding we obtain patience, through patience we obtain self control, through self control we obtain peace, through peace we obtain wisdom, and through wisdom we realize that without Love, none of these things are possible.

� Karl Woods


Reprinted from the website http://www.fringewisdom.com/index.html with permission of the author, Karl Woods.
Copyright � Karl Woods, 1997-2002 All rights reserved.