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The Greatest Gift We Can Give Is Ourselves

    We enjoy buying presents for family and friends. We delight in their receiving the gift and in knowing they will gift us in return. We feel benevolent when we contribute money to people less fortunate than we. Still, we sometimes notice our spirit is left feeling something is lacking. Could it be because we have given of possessions instead of ourselves?

    The greatest gift we can give to others is our love. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves is to gift others with our love. Here is a wonderful example of love gifts:

    A small group of women got together and formed Angels for Hope in response to concerns for those stricken with chronic illness or those who have been in an accident. They wanted to do something to bring a smile to the face of the one in pain. They felt dealing with a chronic illness or a devastating accident was not only hard on the individual involved but was also painful for those who wanted to help. They were at a loss as to what might be appropriate but loving hearts can always find an answer.

    The angels from Angels for Hope crochet Angels, Butterflies and Smiley Faces to send to folks they've never met who are sick/injured and their caregivers � to bring a smile to the face of a stranger they will probably never meet. That makes this a true act of Angels.

    Anyone with a heart full of love, even if short on money, can be a real help, just visit Angels for Hope or write to:

    Kelly Smith
    Angels for Hope
    4439 Jean Rd.
    Bay City MI 48706

    Angels for Hope

    Since the crocheted items are given at no charge, the group can always use new angels to help crochet, or donated items. They will take requests for any Angel, Butterfly or Smiley face for someone who needs a ray of sunshine in their lives.