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Two wrongs can never, never make a right

Where ignorance to knowledge & enlightenment
is considered as an eternal sacred bliss
blind willful obedience to mindless rituals
emerges to be one�s only natural plight

Where freedom is defined as a set
of promises based on borrowed strengths
Fear, scare, chaos & agony rule the day
Fright and might colour the human sight

But �Peace� the immortal queen of hearts
though considered by many as a thing of past
is always by the side of her forlorn children
good days, bad days, or on a long scary night

Amidst noise of explosions and rattling fire
emerging yet again from the ashes & ruins
she opens her heart and cares to declare
to instill �hope�, �serenity� & �Delight�

�it really doesn�t matter my children!
which side you are, when there is a fight
but you should always remember, that
two wrongs can never, never make a right�

�2001 Nitin Kulkarni

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