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His Plan & My Efforts Make the Best Combination
by Nitin Kulkarni
Often, things do not work as per our plan and we are left wondering, what went wrong. Quite often, we do not get to know the reason and most often we end up attributing such happening to bad luck , fate or wrong timing.

I have observed that many of us carry the unnecessary burden of these incidents as an unsolved mystery, as an extra luggage, all through our life.

Here are just a few of such incidents from my life which were a part of extra luggage, that I use to carry till recently.

All set to join my schoolmates for an educational tour, I developed chicken-pox and had to be contended at home. I was unable to understand, what went wrong ? Why did it happen to me alone ? Why couldn�t I go on tour with the school team as planned ? I had many questions but no satisfactory answers.

Couple of years later, when in college, I was one of the 20 probables, who were to receive specialized Cricket coaching and had a chance to make it to the University team.

My joy knew no limits. I was practicing very hard to make it to the team, when one fine morning, I broke two bones of my left arm, while attempting to complete a diving catch. Heavens came crashing down and I was holding my left arm in a cast, through a sling, for the next three months.

Cricket for a while was now a thing of past. I had the same set of questions hovering over my mind. And yet again there were no satisfactory answers. Why is it me ? Why me of all people in this world, had to go through this?

Then came the time in life, when it was like a dream come true. I got married to my longtime sweetheart in a grand wedding ceremony. We moved to our own dream home. Time was just flying and we felt like being at the top of the world.

Then, one night I woke up with a severe abdominal pain, only to be operated upon two days later. I was saved, but developed some post operative complications , only to undergo another major life saving surgery, a couple of months later.

I was away from active work life for about seven months. Didn�t know, why my life blessed with a perfect start had to go through these hurdles ? Why did it not happen the way we planned ? Why did it happen only to me ?

Yet again, I had questions , only questions, no answers.

A couple of years back, I was surfing through TV channels, when I happened to watch Indian movie superstar Amitabh Bachchan having an informal chat with some school children. And there he was narrating an incident from his childhood life , that not only answered all my questions but also made me free from the burden of the extra luggage, that I had been carrying on my mind, so long & till now.

Here is what Amitabh had said �.

Amitabh was in a boarding school, called Sherwood School, located in the hill town of Nainital, U.P., India. The Annual Day celebrations were just a few days away. Amitabh, a final year student of the school, was to play the lead role in the play that was one of the major attractions of that evening.

Amitabh�s father, Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan, a well known poet of national and international fame, had also come to town to witness his son�s performance. Things looked set for a wonderful evening.

Amitabh developed high fever just a couple of days before the annual day and had to be admitted to a local hospital. Doctors ruled out any possibility of his attending the function, leave aside participation in the play.

The D-day arrived. Amitabh spent the School�s Annual Day, confined to the hospital bed, with tears in his eyes, his father by his bedside and a question on his lips as to what wrong had he done to have missed the golden chance to perform at the School�s final function.

His father replied � �Amit, my son, it would have really been very good if things had happened the way you planned, but consider it to be the best, if things have happened otherwise�.

Amitabh could not understand what his father meant to explain and how a missed chance could be the best thing to happen. He asked his father, why does he say so?

His father said, �Amit, you had decided to act in the play and participate in the Annual Day celebrations. It would have been good if things had worked your way.�

�But, he, the Almighty GOD had decided otherwise. As per his plan you were not to do so. And what he decides for you has to be nothing but the best. Isn�t it !�

As the words made sense, the meaning was understood. As per Amitabh, this was one of the learning that helped him keep that extra luggage out, all his life.

As I listened to Amitabh, I had found answers to many such unsolved questions of my life, too.

As I looked back, I found that GOD has been very kind to me. I had got much more than what I expected. Every unexpected and unforeseen turn of events in life had turned out to my benefit, in the ultimate analysis.

Well, now I know for sure, it had to be that way, because it was a combination of his plan and my efforts !

� Nitin Kulkarni


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