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But I do know���. !

        I didn�t know when was I ushered in

        And I don�t know when its time to go

        But I do know that I am here for now

        And I know that I have miles to go

        I didn�t know who ushered me in

        And I don�t know who would see me off

        But I do know that they blessed me with love

        And I know that I need to pass it on

        I didn�t know the reason I was sent in

        And I don�t know why would I go away

        But I do know that life is a journey

        And I know that I am on my way

        I didn�t know what was in my destiny

        And I don�t know what he has in mind

        But I do know that I have a role to play

        And I know that he�ll guide me & be kind

        Well I may haven�t known so many things

        And I still may not know what�s in the offing

        But I do know my world is a beautiful place

        And I know that love, care & prayers

        Will bring me eternal Peace and lasting solace

        In Gratitude ! Nitin

    Nitin Kulkarni; a global person with Indian abode; keen follower of human processes; a catalyst in human relations; disciple of serenity, simplicity, & excellence; is on an experiential learning expedition in life. Founder of �PAM�, the �Positive Attitude Movement�, he is also the facilitator of PAM�s universal expression �Nascent Dew Drops� , a free weekly E-zine of inspirational and motivational stories from real life experiences.

    His other articles can be viewed on the web page Nitin Kulkarni�s work or can be requested by sending him an email. Visit his web site www.nascentdewdrops.com or log on to Nascent Dew Drops mailing list to register with the �Nascent Dew Drops� mailing list ! �Nascent Dew Drops� can also be subscribed simply by sending a blank e-mail to Nascent_Dew_Drops-subscribe@topica.com .

    �2006 Nitin Kulkarni