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Ode To Margaret's Grandson

    I found her message on an Internet bulletin board while surfing that system of global union. There are many such boards on the net where people share snippets of their lives; moments of joy and sadness, in a few lines of text some call loneliness or, in this case, a plea for help.

    Her message was simple, direct, and heartrending: "My grandson has passed away, please keep us in your prayers." I read the entire string of messages to gain a better understanding of what had happened.

    As it turned out, the grandmother's name was Margaret and her grandson of about one year had passed away because of a disease - she was devastated. Despite her faith, which was now suffering, she was having great difficulty believing God could have planned to hurt her so badly. Many were the comments which told her to stand firm in her faith, while others simply said it was all just part of God's plan. I clicked another site to continue my surfing.

    Page after page, I continued my Internet research but I could not shake the thought of Margaret's lightly veiled plea for help. I returned to the message board.

    Marshaling my limited understanding of God, I asked him to help this sinner find the words to help a Christian in need.

    I wrote:

    And the Lord said:

    "How does one start to heal the heart
    that's suffered the loss of a child?
    And fill that space now an empty place
    which brimmed with love for a while?
    Can you tell a friend and in the end
    will they know what he meant to you?
    Or is it in vain to relate the pain
    of a heart that is breaking in two?"

    "My dear sweet child it's just for a while
    I'll embrace him here with me,
    Then come what may on a fateful day
    he'll be sent strait back for thee.
    You'll turn your head from a hospital bed
    and a boy beside you will stand,
    Then on that day your grandson will say,
    'Gramma, take my hand'."

    "You'll puzzle a while then start to smile
    as you reach for the little boy's hand,
    Because in your heart you'll know from the start
    'twas God just unfolding his plan.
    With the circle complete you'll jump to your feet
    as the Heavenly Host starts to sing,
    Then with a big smile will say the sweet child,
    'Gramma, here are your wings'."

    This sinner then signed the post -- perhaps appropriately:

    ~ GOD ~

    � Lea McDonald

    Lea McDonald