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This Too Shall Pass My days seem to blend together, at times, in their utter sameness. I am usually awake around 7:00 each morning, when a little wiggly body jumps into my bed with enthusiasm. "I'm hungry!", are usually the first words I hear.

My day begins as I nurse the baby, while assuring the children that they will eat soon, and "No, they will not starve!" Dressing little bodies (no, I don't want to wear THAT!), desperately trying to find socks that match, or at least 'look' like they do, combing tangles out of hair on heads that don't seem to stay still. Picking up things off the floor that were clean last night before bed.

I assure myself... this too shall pass.

Making breakfast, wiping up spilt drinks, scraping at cereal molded to the table cloth. Sweeping up the piles around the table. Soon we are ready for school, and assembled in the school room, which has unknowingly been played in since we were here last. Toys, crayons, little pieces of cut up paper are everywhere!

I assure myself yet again... this too shall pass!

Cleaning begins, and I immediately need to stop to change a "very ripe" diaper. A toddler disappears upstairs, who quickly returns, dropping pieces of cereal she has "hidden" in a fold in her shirt. The vacuum comes out, even as the crumbs are being ground into the carpet by several pairs of feet. I step into a large spot of water, which quickly soaks through my socks. The toddler spilled her cup (which was supposed to be upstairs in the kitchen!) I shed the socks, arrange my cold feet under me on the couch, and the arguments erupt over who gets to sit on my lap for our prayer and bible time.

"This too shall pass", I inwardly shout!

I close my eyes, and take a deep breath. My tense body slowly relaxes, only after it comes to an awareness of its surroundings. Soft childish voices, warm snuggly bodies surrounding me, trusting eyes gazing up at me adoringly. These precious lives!

Oh yes... this too shall pass... all too quickly!

These blessings will grow up, and go their own way, and I will look back upon these days with longing. Time will pass, all too quickly. I just need to continually be thankful... for TODAY.

� Lora Lease