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My Spiritual Journey from Religion to Spirituality
by Mary Lemons, B.A., C.H.T.P.
Growing up in a minister's family, I became thoroughly entrenched in traditional Christian beliefs. When I majored in religion at college, I had my first inkling that Christianity was just part of the story. I realized there are similarities in all religions and that Christianity is one of the many ways to know the Creator God.

After twenty-two years of active church work, I looked for meaning outside my traditional religious beliefs. I embarked upon my own conscious spiritual search for meaning in life, for understanding and peace within.

I studied many modalities such as Kinesiology, One-Brain, Results System, Lightbody, Reiki, Tellington Touch, and Healing Touch. The techniques of energy bodywork resonated with me, and I received certification in Healing Touch. I immediately began using these techniques on my family, our horses, dogs and cats. I reasoned that if they worked for humans they would also work for animals. By this time, I had rejected the notion that our souls made us humans different from the animals. I knew that my animals had just as much "soul" or spirit as I had.

As I matured in my spiritual quest, I began doing absentee/long distance healings with two friends, Teri Roth and Marilyn Wienand. Two sessions greatly influenced my future healing practice. In the first session we were working with a woman dying of cancer. Her brother had died years ago in the Viet Nam war. I was reassuring her that even though she was physically dying, that her spirit would continue to live and she would experience another reality after physical death. I then felt the presence of her deceased brother. He was reaching his hand out to her. I told her that when she died that he would be there for her to help her transi-tion. It was then that I felt her hand in mine. As I placed her hand in her brother�s hand, the three of us were united in an incredible wave of complete Oneness. It was at that moment that I truly understood the Christian dogma of the brotherhood of all men. I had heard of, talked about, and believed in the brotherhood of all people during my church days, but I had never felt it like I did that day. The feeling was so complete, so peaceful. Words do not do it justice.

In the second healing session that was a milestone to me, we were again working with a person dying of cancer. This time it was a young boy, Robbie, with whom we were working. Robbie had been ill for a long time. He lingered on, despite his young body succumbing to the ravages of this dreaded disease.

Robbie wanted a puppy, but his parents would not get him one. He was several hundred miles away in another state the day we worked energetically, spiritually with him. In those days I would stand and call in the spirit of whomever we were working on. Then we would allow Spirit to lead us through the healing session.

As I called in Robbie, I knelt, for he seemed so small, so frail. I reassured him he was filled with Spirit and would continue to exist after his physical body ceased to function. He was so hungry for compassion. He wanted so much to be loved. He needed to feel secure although his world was falling apart.

As I knelt there, I felt Robbie's energy coming toward me. I leaned back as far as I could on my knees. Although I physically saw nothing, I knew Robbie's spirit was with me yearning to be held, yearning to be loved. I knelt there as Robbie's spirit came toward me and entered my body. I felt complete oneness with him. There was no fear nor alarm in me. I did not feel possessed. I just felt the spirit of a lonely, scared little boy who wanted so much to love and be loved. I allowed him to be there, to experience all the love and compassion available to him.

As I gave Robbie unconditional love, I knew he would not be at peace without something to hold on to. I gave him an etheric puppy and told him his puppy would always be with him, that he would help him make the transition from this physical world whenever he was ready. As soon as Robbie got his spiritual puppy, he was able to turn loose of me. I felt his spirit leave my body and I knew he was going to be all right. The cancer would destroy his body, but his spirit would remain strong, for he knew unconditional love and acceptance.

My work with Robbie and his spiritual puppy was my first of many encounters with animals helping humans spiritually. As my work developed, I became more aware of Spirit's guidance through animals, nature, and other creatures.

In one of my Animal Communication and Energetic Healing workshops, we found out as much about ourselves that day as we did the animals. The horses that the participants chose to work with mirrored the humans' issues. Not only did we offer healing to the animals, but they gave us healing as well.

I have worked with several dogs and cats that are working as spiritual rescue animals. One dog named Jessica uses her naptime to allow her spirit to journey wherever it is needed to help humans and other creatures in trouble.

Another dog named Buster is quite elderly and is preparing to leave his physical body. He knows he will return to be the companion of a child who is dying. After the child's death, he will help the family through their grief. The master he has now gives him total unconditional love. This experience has been necessary to prepare him for his future work with the child.

Wisconsin cats that I worked with were born into an accepting, loving home in which they were treated as spiritual beings. Upon their deaths, they were freed to spiritually help humans who are dying.

We are all surrounded with creatures whether we have a personal pet or not. These creatures appear to us in different ways and circumstances. They are spiritual resources for us in our everyday lives. All creatures are here to teach and to learn from each other. It is not a one-sided relationship. Animals and other species are fellow spiritual beings in different attire. We must honor them as they journey with us here on Mother Earth.

My mission now is to help humans understand that all living creatures are spiritual beings.

We all have the same creative energy in us. Within all living things is a oneness that eliminates all barriers, all limitations. When we tap into the Oneness of All That Is, we awaken to an awareness, a peace that passeth all understanding. My spiritual journey has been worth all the heartache, all the pain of discovering my true self. For through it all, I have learned the true meaning of life. It is a joyous dance with all creation. It is the dance of the rhythm of the universe. And in that rhythm is a place for each of us that resonates deep within our souls.

� Mary Lemons, B.A., C.H.T.P.

Mary Lemons founded Inner Awakenings, a holistic healing practice for all species located in Albemarle, North Carolina. She is an intuitive energy healer dedicated to helping people and all creatures consciously experience the oneness of all life.

Mary received her BA degree from St. Andrews Presbyterian College and Healing Touch Practitioner Certification from the American Holistic Nurses Association. Also a Reiki Master, she is trained in numerous alternative healing modalities that complement traditional medical care.

An owner of the LL Quarter Horse Farm, she is an experienced animal communicator. She has worked with several animal rescue organizations to help rescued animals adjust to their adoptive homes. Her intuitive animal sessions have life messages for the animals' owners as well as the animals themselves.

Mary's Communing with Animal Spirits CD introduces you to the animal kingdom and the many resources available to you there. As you journey into the magnificent world of other species, you rediscover the spiritual connection you have with all other living creatures. You experience other species as spiritual beings that are here to help you in your earthly journey. Your animal spirit guides give you qualities and characteristics to help you process your life experiences. You unite and journey together as fellow companions on Mother Earth.

In Mary's Self-Healing Chakra Balance Meditation CD, you enter a place of inner harmony as Mary leads you on a journey of self-healing. In her guided meditation Mary connects you with your innate healing abilities as she leads you through the Healing Touch Double-Hand Chakra Balance technique. You experience the peace of Spirit as you journey through this self-healing guided imagery. Your physical body is revitalized and your spiritual body nourished. You open and reinforce your energy field that supports your physical body.

Renowned musician Laraaji Nadananda of New York composed the background music for Mary�s meditation CD�s that explore higher states of consciousness. In Self-Healing Chakra Balance, Laraaji�s outstanding musical score embraces you with heavenly melodic vibrations of the seven major musical tones that correspond to the major chakras (energy centers) of your body. In Communing With Animal Spirits, Laraaji�s animated musical score dances with Mary�s thoughts and images across your heart, mind, and soul.

For information on the Meditation CDs, write to marylemons@ctc.net or Mary Lemons, 47704 Miller Town Road, Albemarle, NC 28001.