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Our Gentle God

    He is a gentle God:
    the heartbeat of a universe.

    Alive in singing curves of morning sun
    and whisperings of magnolia leaves
    as flowers reach to drink
    sun-glistening raindrops
              fresh-fallen from His cloud's rich arc;

    His finger delicates the violin
    and mellow-strings the cello:
    His hand caresses fragrant violet
    into the rainbow's arch:
    A God of dawns and dews that dance
              alight with birdsong:

    A God of towering
    For in the midday heat
    His strength shades over me:
    In mighty storm
              He hides me
                        in His cliff's deep cleft.

    And when day dies
    He'll gentle me
              in loving glory
    into His eternity of moonlit wind
    and soaring singing stars:
                        Fragrance beyond violets
                        Music beyond the cello
                        Strength beyond the mighty rock......

    Heartbeat of my universe:
                   is my God.

    � Lesley Ann Cook

    Droplets from Life I share this poem with a grateful heart. It was written by my sister, now living with her God in Eternal Gentleness. May it bless you, as it blesses me. Christine.

    If you have a contribution to make to my site, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me at: christinesdroplets@yahoo.com.au