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A Peaceful Place
by Miranda V. Lewis It has been many years since I have had the time to stand still outdoors and just listen. The last time I took time out to listen and appreciate the Lord's beauty so much was when I was 18 and I had no choice but to listen as the voice of God spoke to my heart. I recall standing outside my apartment that one day and everything around me seemed to have stopped (the trees, cars, people) and I heard nothing but the voice of the Lord telling me HIS will for my life and the call upon my life. It was a confirmation and helped explain the visions and prophecies I have had since I was a child. I knew from that day I would serve HIM and serve others around me. However, I did not know of the many battles I would have to fight on this battlefield of life.

Now, tonight once again as the mother of a teenager, I stood outside my door with my son, listening to the rain and feeling the tender drops fall upon my face as I look toward Heaven and acknowledged the beauty of God's work (trees and stars). I stood there looking at the tall trees and listening to the sounds of the crickets and feeling my spirit at peace. I did not have to go far, just outside my front door, and there was beauty and peace. I am in the world, but for this moment, the world was miles away as I connected to my God in wonderment at the nature he had created.

I could not hear what was happening around me for I was connecting with my Lord and asking why have you brought me here? What is my purpose? The same question so many Christians ask on this sometimes harsh journey. And if they do not ask this question, then they should stop and seek HIM while they still may and ask.

Yes, there are bitter times along with the sweet. The trials and triumphs! I know first hand of the trials and the triumphs. And I understand why so many get burned out along the way on their journey. It is not an easy walk and HE did not promise it would be easy. And HE warns us to be prepared for the battle. Ephesians 6.

Stand still and listen.... listen with your heart and hear the peace of God. Never forget the peace you feel and never forget no man is as great as God; put your trust in God! Stand still and listen to the peace, the crickets and thank God for the journey....even though it may be a difficult one.

I stood outside for a considerable amount of time and looked at the height of the trees and saw how tall they stood and how close they are together, forming a group of trees. Yet, I saw the little spaces, holes you might say, that were not filled in with branches and it made me wonder if Christians today are like those trees? We are suppose to pull together and stand strong as a group but yet there are many spaces or holes in our Christian walk that, like the wind that blows the trees over, the enemy sneaks into those spaces and begin to blow us from side to side weakening our faith because we did not fill in the spaces with the word of God or we were not kind to our fellow man.

Do we really live a Christian life where we treat everyone with kindness and do as the word of God says to do....�Love ye one another� or are there holes in our walk? Have the holes become so corrupted with the ways of the world, (lies, abuse, cursing, cheating, etc) that we will not be able to stand and unite against the enemy?

Perhaps I had to endure the journey to appreciate all the many miracles and true friend/angels the Lord keeps sending my way to help when I am at the bottom, hanging on with only a prayer and faith. Whatever the purpose may have been for the journey, I am glad to have endured the hurt and hardship for I might not have seen that there is still some humanity in a world that has forgotten what it is like to be a true Christian. I am glad the Lord allowed me to be in the mountains and witness that there are still people who treat others like human beings. I was beginning to think that the true Christian spirit, according to the word of God, did not exist anymore.

I have enjoyed the beginning of my healing process and watching my son�s spirit grow. I have enjoyed this time, which allows me to put my words and thoughts to paper once again. A dear friend had warned me months ago that he feared my love for words existed no more because I had stopped writing my poetry. No, the words are still inside of me, I just had to rest and heal a little.

Yes, I have been blessed while on this short journey of my life. I am blessed to have neighbors all around me that are strong Christians and blessed to be in a strong Christian community. And truly blessed that the Lord allows me one more day to serve and Praise HIM!

And when the end of my journey comes to a close one day, as we all must come to the end of our journey upon this earth, I want to walk into Heaven�s gates knowing that I knew what peace felt like on this earth and knowing that I taught my son to appreciate that peace and have a love for God! As well, as knowing that 'MY LIVING WAS NOT IN VAIN.� Just as my mother knew her living was not in vain. She taught me to love in spite of the hurt that people bring, but not forget, and she touched many lives because first and foremost she loved the Lord and was always willing to serve HIM. And it was how she walked along her journey, as a strong Christian, that taught her children to be strong and love God!

� Miranda V. Lewis