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Teaching the Faith Walk

    Today my son had to take the test for his driver�s license learning permit. This morning before we left for the test, I took his hands and prayed a prayer of faith and victory. He was a little fearful about the test before we prayed together, but after the prayer he walked out the door boldly stating he would pass this test due to such a mighty prayer and faith. I, too, had faith that God would hear my prayer and Joshua's. I was pleased that Joshua was open to prayer and his mom praying with him.

    When we arrived for the test, Joshua was still confident. My final advice was, "if you get stuck and frightened, just call on the name of Jesus and ask God to help you." He said, "ok, mom". I explained to him that I would be out in the car praying for him and doing my Bible study. He gave me a hug and said he would be just fine.

    I returned to my car and began an intercessory prayer. I knew he would pass the test and be just fine. A couple of times I stopped my Bible study for I could feel his spirit when he was in trouble on a couple of questions. The time passed and suddenly, I heard this click against my car window; it was Joshua. He had passed and was pushing his license against the window. Smiling, he said "thanks, mom, and thank you for teaching me to pray and ask God".

    Joshua found the computer was acting up when he sat down for the test - so he closed his eyes and began to ask God for help. And when he opened his eyes the computer was working just fine. He said, "I just thank God right then, mom".

    I reminded Joshua, "do not put your faith in man or earthly things but trust in God and have faith. Live for HIM and live Holy and God will take care of you, son. He will be your best friend in the whole world."

    I am not rich in money or material things, for I am building up for my riches in heaven. And the one thing I am rich in is Faith. If I leave nothing more to my child it will be that his mom had a prayer moving Faith and love in her heart.

    If you are a parent and thinking, oh, I should work double hard to leave my child wealth and riches, please think again. I urge you to leave them something more, teach them they can turn to God and have Faith. Teach them the way our mothers taught us. I am thankful my mom taught me about such an awesome God before her passing. And thankful my grandparents taught me how to pray.

    � Miranda V. Lewis