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The Music I Hear

      All my life I have loved classical music
      I can see the great masters at work
      Beauty coming into my room.
      Today I hear the music of new masters
      Like a little boy who when at school
      Would look out his window and hear music he wrote
      I would look out mine and see the busy people
      The car and taxi of uptown Manhattan
      I saw the poetry I would one day write
      Myself and the boy had learning problems
      But we knew who we were
      Until I was thrown a curve ball
      I found out I was adopted
      So instead of crying long
      I made beautiful music with words
      I believe never stop
      I hope my spirit will never end
      With the help of God
      I found my way out of the tunnel
      So did the boy His name is Jim Brickman.

    � Linda Ann Henry
    Do you remember me?
    The people's poet