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God's Art

God painted the sky in the morning sunrise
It takes my breath away
I see the golden sun rising from the earth
The heavens are purple, yellow, green and pink
When I see this beauty, I cannot help but think
I am lucky God gave me eyes to see
This miracle of life, My Lord has given to me
When I look at the ocean, it shines on the shore
There are fish of all sizes in the sea forevermore
The dolphins are flying in the air, it makes the water look green
I am sure I saw a mermaid waving to me
All these things are a gift God has given anyone to see
As I walk along the walkway, I can smell the flowers
I must take a look, there are roses, tulips, daisies
The colors of the rainbow. The redbreast robin, the meadowlark at play
The nightingale, all sing so lovely in the day
I feel the grass, beneath my feet
It feels so good as my toes go in so deep
I watch the falling leaves as they float to the earth
Yellow, brown, and green over my head until they touch the ground
God's art is the greatest masterpiece I found
I am so glad He let me share the sunset
With the colors of the night
I live in a world, The Lord made
There is so much to make happy and to keep us calm
The beauty is a picture of art from above
Given to us, made out of love

Linda Ann Henry � 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet


linda ann veronica henry (conaway)