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Where am I going

Where am I going in this world I know
Can I find Jesus who will love me so
Do I have answers to the life I need
Where am I going, Dear Lord, hear my plea

Where am I headed, will it be long
Can I hear the angels call me loud and strong
With my hands, may I pray
I ask You Jesus to show me the way.

Where am I going, do I know who I am
Can I smell the flowers or walk in the sand
Will Jesus care and help me please
Have I missed my calling
Why must I grief

Where am I going, does anyone know
I feel caught in a web, will it let me go
Many a tear I have cried
How do I make it
Can I reach the sky

Where am I going, will I see butterflies
In the trees way up high
Jesus, give me hope to come
Bring me out into the air, you are the only one

If I lose, somebody close to my heart
Take them to Heaven, give them a start
Let my tears turn into rain
Please take away the hurt and pain
Give me wings so I can fly
Into the stars, beyond the clouds
Where am I going, can you see me now

Written for my father, William Woodrow Henry. The greatest father anyone could have.

Linda Ann Henry � 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet


linda ann veronica henry (conaway)