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I am Jesus Bride

      I had a dream, I am Jesus bride
      There is nothing in this world, except to walk by his side
      He has blessed me, I have seen The Holy Spirit
      I am dressed all in white with a veil on my head
      Flowers are sent down as I walk
      When I look at Jesus I see a bright light
      His eyes are full of the love he has for me
      Heaven had many people, but not one did I see
      The Lord took my hand in his
      We said what must have been said
      There is no other husband I could have wishes for that day
      I kissed His Sacred Heart and I felt very faint
      Jesus is God's son, I am a virgin fair
      I am deep in his love for me
      He gives me special care
      Then I awoke from my dream
      I went on my knees to pray
      Dear Jesus, thank you for giving me a bit of heaven
      I am not worthy of your love
      If I am Jesus bride, He must have forgiven me my sin
      When I do go to Heaven, let this dream come true
      My Dear Jesus I worship you.

      � Linda Ann Henry
      Do you remember me?
      The people's poet