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A Quiet Night

      It is a quiet night
      As I try to sleep I think of you
      You are in my heart where no one can see you
      Your soul is as pure as the falling snow outside my window
      I hold you in my arms and I feel so safe
      The stars are shinning this quiet night
      I see the moon, I feel your beauty in the flower, butterflies
      The parks with the smell of the fragrance of God's creation
      It is so peaceful in the quiet of this night
      I can hold your dear hand and kiss your sweet lips
      I pray to God to help you with whatever you do
      I can find no wrong in you
      You are so good and I am so proud
      With God's wishes, I can say I love you now.

      In order to love yourself, you must also love your friends.

      © Linda Ann Henry
      Do you remember me?
      The people's poet