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A Child's Prayer

      I have a prayer to ask you Dear Lord, for I am learning how to pray
      I hear the angels harps, they sing to me at night
      They know I am afraid, when there is no light
      You, My Jesus give me love, which I am thankful for
      I know in my heart you will never leave me, You will stay forevermore.
      I feel there is a secret about me, one I do not know
      If only people would really see me, not tell me to let go
      I pray to You this day, because you listen to children just like me
      You can see my gift which I have and You also can see the real me
      My cousin's, aunt's and uncle's, do not want to help me through
      All my learning problems I must give to you
      My mother, does not answer my questions.
      My father has nothing to say
      Why do I feel unwanted, so very sad today
      Sometimes the angels hold me
      When I cry on their wings
      They are so soft and beautiful
      I can fly to the stars and back
      I try to be happy once again even though I lack
      My Dear God forgive me if I have sinned
      I never mean to, I wonder how did it begin
      I am a little child, saying my prayers for the very first time
      I will talk to you tomorow, please help me in this life
      To live with what I have been given
      Because with Your help it will be all right

      Written for those children lost in adoption.

      � Linda Ann Henry
      Do you remember me?
      The people's poet