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The Gifts

      I have two special gifts that the Lord knew I would need
      One is older, one is younger, and they both love me
      A friend is someone you tell things
      That no one else will know
      But a gift of a heart is someone I love so
      To be given a treasure from the Lord himself
      Is more than just a friend, they are part of yourself
      When I miss them or they go to sleep
      I think, well tomorrow, they will be on their feet

      You would not think a gift could come in an e-mail
      I have never seen them, that is true
      But the beautiful things they share with me
      Is always coming through

      If I take a look in my mirror
      There the three of us are
      I know how kind and loving
      Just like a brand new star

      Yes they are angels
      Giving me the sun I need
      They are a piece of a puzzle
      That fits me to a tee

      Written for my two spirit sisters Heartwhispers and Cheechee

      � Linda Ann Henry

      linda ann veronica henry (conaway)