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The Voice of Soul
by Nancy!~Lotusbud

It is not always easy to discriminate the difference between the voice of our soul and the voices of those we respect and have high regard for. Initially we explore the different spiritual language of people we admire. Their words and experiences help us clarify our own voice. But as we follow a spiritual path, it is essential we remember, although these may be wise voices they are not our voice.

The first task in any spiritual journey is to "still the mind" in order to hear the voices of our heart and spirit. Whether in prayer, meditation, visualization, or whatever method we choose, we need to step out of our "busyness" and become receptive and open.

While we might explore different methods, eventually we learn to decide what practices help bring out our spirit? We also learn to discriminate between the voice of our intellect and the voice of our soul. The voice of our intellect is easy to recognize�it defines, then analyzes, argues, defends, debates, and critiques. I am sure we have all been guided by that voice from time to time.

Listen closely . . .Can you hear the voice of soul touching you deeply . . . profoundly . . . through prayer, meditation, Holy Scripture or song?

Can you feel the voice of soul piercing your heart with joy . . . gratitude . . . and deep inner truth?

Can you recognize the voice of soul arriving unexpectedly and capturing you with awe and wonder?

The voice of our soul is unique and distinct from all others as it attempts to capture our attention by guarding, guiding and leading us closer to our own authentic spiritual language. This is the voice that connects us to the spiritual realm, the voice, we occasionally tune in and more frequently tune out.

We recognize the voice of our soul when �out of the blue� we are given a way out often after a long struggle. We may find ourselves brooding over a situation or problem; worried and frightened, exhausted and ready to give up, when suddenly we stumble across a solution. The answer always arriving unexpectedly, without anticipation or warning! This is the voice of soul!

As we continue exploring our life's path, we hear the first faint sounds of spirit grow stronger, and we discover a living soul within us, one with a unique language. This is the voice of soul!

The eyes of my soul have been opened
both here and beyond the horizon
The voice of soul I discover
comes not from book or knowledge
but through solitude of absent sounds
where the depth of boundless wisdom
is revealed.
The strength of the spirit
is imprinted on my voice of soul
bringing the richness of
uninterrupted dialogue
with the One
who graces me with many gifts.
My soul is on a path
toward that blissful day
when I will dwell in a place of love
I know this is true
for I have heard the voice of soul.

All is known . . . attune to the knowledge . . . wait for the wisdom.

� 2001 Nancy!~Lotusbud