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Dance of Autumn �L��t� c�est fini� the French would say as summer departs and autumn makes her first appearance. Migrations of magnificent humpbacks and star performing dolphins can be seen on their way to warmer climates. The winged ones in their grace and elegant beauty soar high in the heavens crossing currents to unknown shores. Leaves turning as shades and tints of color arrive and the air is filled with cool nights and frosty mornings. Soon a full blaze of dazzling jeweled tones will seduce us with brilliant splendor�and once again autumn is upon us.

With the Autumn Equinox comes a time of �in dwelling;� a downshifting into lower gear. Like the energy on the planet, our life force calls out to us, rest, observe and reflect. Mother Earth, our sustainer and inspiration, reminds us of the life cycle as she herself slows down. Flowers evolve into seed and pod, pumpkins, squash and gourds are gathered while silken cornstalks lay drying in fields. We humbly offer our gratitude for the bounty of harvest and say goodbye to the strength of the sun. For he too, loses his power as the darkness of night creeps forward.

Autumn is connected to the west and the setting sun. It is the twilight of the year, a time to go within and contemplate. This is the season of inner guidance where we are encouraged to open ourselves to the mystery of life. The leaves are subtle reminders that we are asked to let go of many things throughout life including our need for perfection and fear of failure. We are challenged and invited to open, release and surrender our burdens into God�s waiting hands; that we too may harvest the lessons of our internal fruits.

As we walk through the beauty of autumn I encourage you to offer thanks for the bounties of life and ponder the reality of the season, a time of thanksgiving and praise. Autumn is a necessary transition between summer�s fruitlessness and spring�s renewal. New growth will not arrive until autumn lets go of what has been�the same is true of our lives.

Prayer for an Autumn Day

God of the seasons,
we are surrounded by a peaceful ebbing
as Mother Nature safely tucks her children
into bed and says
goodnight to the green and lively splendor.
Plants brown and wrinkled
and leaves in their majesty hues of gold
let go and float to the ground
in a sacred dance.
Sparks of bright morning light
dims as shorter days arrive.
Fall is homecoming time
helping us recognize
the power-filled sustaining presence
of the Great Spirit.
As we feast our eyes on the bounties
of harvest
we call upon our Most Sacred Holy Creator
to fill our heart with the bounties of faith and hope,
and grant us patience
when we do not see immediate results.
help us walk through unknowing times
remembering the harvest of blessings
we have reaped. � Nancy!~Lotusbud

Flowering of My Soul