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Remember What's Important It hit me today like a ton of bricks. How could it already be two weeks since I've talked to a very good friend? How can I allow day after day to pass and not take 5 minutes to pick up the phone and tell someone that I'm thinking of them and that I hope they're having a good week. Has life gotten so fast and so out of proportion that I've completely lost track of what's important to me?

I walk into my office at home and my desk is continually piled with mail, lists of things that need to be done, bills to pay, and projects to tackle, let alone the pile in the corner of the fun things I want to do. It's endless. I could spend the next 6 months at my desk and I really don't think I'd ever get caught up. Every time I open a piece of mail or spend even just a few minutes on the Internet, I discover uncharted worlds begging for my attention. Information overload is an entity all to itself. And because I was raised in an era where I had a list of chores and I was expected to complete those chores before I could "play," I find myself not only losing track of the people I care about, but myself as well.

I believe it's time to slow down and re-evaluate what life is all about. I've re-watched 2 marvelous movies lately that have really opened my eyes. I'm sure you've probably seen them both, but if you're feeling like I do, I highly recommend you treat yourself and watch them again. The scene in "City Slickers" where Billy Crystal asks Jack Palance what the secret to life is totally stopped me. As Jack raised his index finger and said "One thing -- and that's for you to figure out", I was challenged to answer that question for myself. Is my desk and all my lists what I really care about?

"Defending Your Life," another thought-provoking movie, depicts the first step after death as a visit to Judgment City where one must review and defend their life and their choices. This movie, through comedy, helped me to safely look at my own choices and fears and realize how I've allowed fear to stop me from doing the things I really want to do. The funny thing is that when I really evaluate my fears in relation to the giant scheme of things, they seem rather silly.

Our world is moving incredibly fast, and it requires constant awareness to keep the madness at bay. I want to remember what is truly important to me, fearlessly act on it, and not allow other distractions to take a higher priority. I know for myself what Jack Palance meant by that "one thing", and when I succeed in placing it in top priority, I am filled with incredible joy and hope for the future.

I challenge you to stop and think about what is REALLY important to you. I also challenge you to rearrange your day today and place that one thing at the top of your priority list. I know it's hard to do and I can hear all the excuses why it can't be done (those same excuses echo in my head, too). However, if any number of potential situations stripped us down to the basics of life, what would be important to us then? What would be our foundation?

Just for today, follow your heart and focus your energy on what really matters to you. If you do, I guarantee you'll experience a whole new level of contentment and joy.



� Diana Brock Makes
Positive Projections
You can reach her at diana@positiveprojections.com