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The Choice is Ours

When disturbing news is on the air,
Or spoken by someone, anywhere,
Do not let go of Serenity,
But accept it a necessity,-
That prayers are needed hour by hour
And put in Trust of the Higher Power
For graces given to the Spiritual blind,
So they will turn to God, and find
A solution,to overcome the ill,
Which evil forces are eager to soul.
And let it never be forgot,
That God knows every word and thought,
Which in the recess of our mind,
Needs Inner Strength with courage blind.
Encouraging others, in thought, to care,-
Not to condemn, but to release
A force, that eventually leads to peace.
With mental pictures that appease
A stressful mind, to give it ease.
The good we do, we'll ne'er regret
And the Loving God will not forget
To reward us all one hundred fold
With Blessings , that are yet untold
The role each one of us must play
Has a bearing on conditions of the world today.
We are a part of the universe
Wherein we live and work and converse.
We have the power to build or destroy
According to the tactics we employ.
In the many fields, with varied powers
How we play the game -
The Choice is Ours


by Martha

if you have any comments of this poem feel free to e-mail them to Martha's daughter

� Ronnie