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Learning and Teaching
by Joseph J. Mazzella
I saw the most beautiful example of teaching the other day. I was at the playground watching my youngest son swing and play. A young but tired looking couple arrived with their little boy. He was at that wonderful age between one and two when you are just starting to walk and explore the world.

The couple seemed like they would rather be napping on the couch than out in the hot sun, but they started to play with their boy anyway. I watched them as they started pushing him gently on the swing. The little boy laughed and giggled with such joy that it must have made the angels smile. No music sounded quite so lovely as that laughter. It was infectious as well. Soon the young couple were smiling and laughing as well. By the time they left they seemed full to overflowing with joy, energy, vitality, and love. Their little one year old teacher had taught them well about how to enjoy the playground and how to live their lives.

The truth is that you are never too young to be a teacher and you are never too old to be a student. You continue to learn new things everyday of your life. Your teachers can range from newborns to ninety year old's. All that you need to learn is an eager mind and an open heart.

Don't believe that foolishness about you can't teach an old dog new tricks either. You can always learn no matter how old a dog you become. God put all of us here to learn to love and it is a life long class.

Take your place then as a student of love and life. Learn all that you can, every way that you can, and from everyone that you can. Spend all of your days growing in knowledge and wisdom about love, joy, giving, helping, and caring. Then share what you have learned with the world.

We are all students of love and we are all teachers of love. Let us be the best students we can possibly be, and let us be teachers that God would be proud of.

� Joseph J. Mazzella