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Where God Is Men have been searching for God since the beginning of time. They have gazed at the Heavens, looked upon the stars, climbed to the tops of mountains, and journeyed deep into the wilderness looking for God. They have read holy books, prayed in churches and monasteries, and made pilgrimages to scared sites in an effort to be closer to God. They have searched, worked, struggled, and strived to find the one place where God is. Perhaps, instead they should have asked themselves if there was any place where God was not.

You see in my own life I have found that God is everywhere and in everything. I have smelled God in the scent of a newborn baby, a delicious meal, a freshly blooming flower, and the last leaf that falls to the ground in Autumn. I have felt God in my daughter's hug, the wind on my face, a puppy's kiss, and the warm sun on my skin. I have seen God in my wife's smile, a glorious sunset, children at play, and a bird soaring in the sky. I have heard God in joyous laughter, the roar of the ocean, the beauty of music, and those wonderful words "I love You". I have even tasted God in a freshly picked apple, a glass of orange juice, snow slushes in the winter, and the drops of a warm summer rain on my tongue. I have found that God and God's love are both within us and all around us. God and love are one and are united everywhere.

You don't have to go searching for God then. All you have to do is to invite God into your soul and love into your heart. God loves us all and wants us all to live in love, joy, peace, happiness, and oneness with Him always. Choose love today, share joy this moment, and embrace God now. God lives everywhere and God loves everywhere including your own heart and soul if you let Him.

� Joseph J. Mazzella