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Time Well Spent I like to spend some time every now and then just looking out on the graveyard that lies next to my backyard. Now some people may think that this is foolish and others may think it is even a bit weird, but to me it is always time well spent.

I get a wonderful sense of peace when I look upon those beautiful, old gravestones. They remind me that life is a very precious thing and should always be lived in love and joy. They remind me that I don't have forever and that if I am going to live I have to live today. They remind me that the moments of my life should never be wasted and that my time on this world should always be time well spent.

I know that this is why I still hug my children and tell them I love them so often. I know that this is why I still share my joy so freely with my family and friends. I know that this is why I still love and pet my dogs and cats everyday. I know that this is why I still take nature walks, read inspirational books, and listen to beautiful, uplifting music. I know that this is why I still smile, laugh, dance, and sing. I know that this is why I still write and share all that I know, all that I am, and all that I am becoming.

Don't waste your own time in this wonderful world. Make your everyday, your every hour, and your every second time well spent. Make your life a glorious gift of love and joy that you give freely to God, yourself, and all those around you. Remember, one day you and I and everyone else will leave this world. Let's not leave here with a soul full of regrets.

Let's spend every second rejoicing in and sharing love, kindness, goodness, joy, and delight. Let's go to meet God knowing that we died living and that our time was very well spent.

� Joseph J. Mazzella