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A Rich Man
by Joseph J. Mazzella

As I read this article by Joe, I was reminded of my childhood. I was just another "poor farm kid", but I did not know that. With daily prayer time was the reminder that some children did not have homes or parents...that they might be hungry. A child perceives only what touches their existence. If I had the things God was being asked to grant to others, it must mean that I was a "rich kid". May all your children be "rich kids". Jane

I have come to the realization recently that I am a very rich man. Oh, I am not rich in the way that society says you are rich. I don't have a big house, a fancy car, or a lot of money. I probably won't have any of these things in the future either. Still, I am a very rich man. There are times, in fact, when I feel like the richest man in the world.

My riches come from the heart and soul and not from money. When I go out of my house early in the morning and hear the birds singing their praises to God, I know that I am a rich man. When I look up to the sky and watch the glorious beauty of a sunrise or a sunset, I know that I am a rich man. When my children give me a hug or I cuddle with my wife on the couch, I know that I am a rich man. When I hear those magic words "I love you" whispered in my ear, I know that I am a rich man. When my dogs lick my hand and my cat falls asleep on my lap, I know that I am a rich man. When I am able to cheer and help a friend or bring joy to another person, I know that I am a rich man. When the child I sponsor overseas writes me and tells me how much the letters I write mean to her, I know that I am a rich man. When I write these words and know that they may help someone out there realize how rich they are, I know that I am a rich man.

Remember then just how rich you are in this life. Love and joy and family and friends are worth more than any amount of money. Life itself is a priceless gift from God. Enjoy the true riches of life. Celebrate the treasure of your existence. In the end the only riches you can take with you from this world is the love, joy, and happiness you have created in it.

� Joseph J. Mazzella