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Rainbows and Thank You's

    I owe a double "thank you" to God right now for the glorious sight that I was blessed to see a few moments ago. It happened after a huge storm full of tree bending winds and roof pounding showers. It seemed like the rain was intent on falling forever when just as suddenly it stopped and a wonderful, peaceful, silence replaced it. It was then that I heard my oldest boy call to me from his room: "Daddy, come see the rainbow." I went quickly to his room and was delighted to see not one but two beautiful rainbows arching across the sky. They were a spectacular sight full of purples, yellows, oranges, reds, pinks, and blues. It filled my soul with joy and my heart with love just to see this gift from God. That is why I say now: "Thank you dear God for them both."

    The truth is that if I thanked God for every gift He gave me I would use up every second of my day, then every second of my life, and still not be done. God�s gifts like His love for us are limitless and are given unconditionally. All we need to do is smile and accept them with an open, joyous, and grateful heart.

    Always start your day out then with a huge, "Thank you" to God for your life. Always remember that every sunrise, sunset, rainbow, flower, and tree is a gift to you from a God who loves you and wants you to be happy. Always know that there is limitless love, joy, peace, happiness, goodness, and delight waiting to fill your heart and soul to overflowing if you only accept them. Always feel the oneness with God that is yours when you accept these gifts and share them with the world. Always choose to make your own life a gift as well: full of love, joy, thank you�s and rainbows.

    � Joseph J. Mazzella