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    The great Leo Buscaglia once told a story about what the ancient Egyptians believed about the afterlife. They believed that they would be asked two questions that would determine whether or not they could continue their journey into paradise. The first was, "Did you find joy?" and the second was, "Did you bring joy?" If you ask me those two questions still apply today.

    We humans, after all, are meant for joy. It is our birthright. If we can�t find a thousand things each day to be joyful about and grateful for then we are probably not living our lives as fully and as openly as we could. If we can�t find countless ways each day to bring joy into our lives and the lives of others then we are probably not living the way God meant for us to live. God loves us all and wants more than anything for us to be joyous in this life we are given. We are here to learn to love. We are here to choose love, to share love, and to give love without expecting anything in return. We are here to fill our heart to overflowing with love. And Love is Joy!

    Make sure then that when you do pass from this world that you can answer a definite Yes! to both questions. Look to find joy where ever you go and in whatever you do. See it shining in a baby�s smiling face. Hear it in the musical laughter of children. Find it in family, friendship, learning, books, music, nature, and animals. Recognize it in every hug you receive, kind word you hear, and miracle you are blessed with. Notice it in the smiling man in the moon and the robin splashing in your birdbath. Fill yourself full of this God-given joy and then bring it to the world. Share God�s joy through your smile, kindness, laughter, goodness, caring, giving, helping, and loving. Make this world a better place because of the joy you found and the joy you shared.

    � Joseph J. Mazzella